Knight Frank

Brochure Design for Leading Real Estate Business Knight Frank

The SoBold Graphic design team have been working with Knight Frank since 2019 helping them produce stylish, clean brochures to help Knight Frank and their clients in the commercial real estate sector.

Knight Frank regularly require brochures on an exceptionally tight deadline and so adapting to this schedule and accommodating the requirements is always a challenge.

The SoBold team are always very adaptive and flexible to Knight Frank’s needs. We always make sure all the relevant information is received before starting the projects and set clearm realistic and achievable deadlines for Knight Frank so they can manage expectations on their side.

We design our brochures for print and digital, and when the brochures are needed to be printed we make sure we communicate clearly with the printing firm to ensure all timelines are met.

All our brochures are designed to an exceptionally high standard and this is reflective in the length of time we have been working with Knight Frank for.

Initial Project Duration
Real Estate, Healthcare
Target Audience
Real Estate Investment Managers
Clean brochure designs
Delivered timely
Easy workflow on amends
What we did
Brochure Design
Spread of luxury real estate brochures.
Luxurious brochure with stylised, detailed map and accompanying minimal text.
two real estate brochures

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