SoBold’s Digital Marketing Strategy encompasses multiple platforms. Our dynamic team draw expertise in every field we offer to our clients.

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Website Design

Our websites are creative, memorable and stylish, as well as being easy to navigate and truly reflective of the businesses they represent.

Clearly written for their target audiences, our websites are effective on all devices – from large screen computers and tablets to smart phones.

Responsive web design

We use latest technologies to make sure that however people view your website they can easily access what they require in order to engage with you further.

User Experience

Our website design is underpinned by a tried & tested understanding of user experience and how people engage with information online. In other words, we put interactive points where visitors expect to find them, in a style familiar to them, to encourage interaction.

Visual Impact

Central to good website design are stand-out visuals and strong content. We can work with you to make the most of existing materials or generate fresh words and images through our extensive network of writers and photographers.

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Search Engine Marketing

Search engines serve millions of users per day looking for answers to their questions or for solutions to their problems. Expectations are high and patience is low.

We optimise keywords and content within your website so search engines will find you easily. The more visible you are online the easier people can find you.


We will improve your site’s search ranking, web traffic and conversions. By constantly innovating and developing brand strategies we stay ahead of trends and technical updates.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

We will advise on and implement paid search, which enables you to reach a highly-targeted audience in a defined time period.

Email Marketing

Helping you develop more business through targeted marketing.

We deliver databases for your specific audience and tailor a bespoke email marketing campaign – ensuring personalised messages meet the right people.

Lead management

We can help you build your client base by identifying potential customers and source the most appropriate email addresses by which to reach them.

Downloadable sources

To encourage engagement, we can help you develop downloadable sources, such as newsletters and reports which will be attractive and useful to your email targets.

Corporate Identity

We develop brand identities, design logos and ensure visual consistency across all of your promotional materials.


We have the experience and creativity to develop print advertisements which tie in with your online presence and truly reflect the essence of your brand.

Annual Reports

An essential for many businesses, we make sure they are engaging, articulate and stand out from other reports your investors may have to read.

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Social Amplification

We target your audience on social platforms where we know they are active.  We then drive awareness and traffic to your website with a micro-content strategy, encouraging your target audience to share your content.

If you don’t have anyone in-house looking after your social media presence, for an affordable monthly fee we can run it for you.


We can help write your posts on social media so that your accounts build momentum and the content is read, liked and shared.


Building loyalty with followers is important for your brand. We can develop a social media strategy that encourages them to engage directly with you.

Graphic Design

Social media isn’t just about words – while video content and photography can be shared, we can also help you generate your own visual content.