Holiday Academy

Building a bespoke holiday camp booking system with WordPress

Holiday Academy were frustrated and disillusioned with their current Booking Engine platform. It was clunky, not bespoke to their needs and adding new features became very difficult.

Holiday Academy wanted to find a partner who would also help educate them on the mechanics behind their booking engine so that they could understand its uses and how it could be best optimised to suit their business needs.

A bespoke development approach was taken. We took away the pain of Holiday Academy having ongoing licensing fees and built the booking engine on WordPress.

The platform was tailored to Holiday Academy’s requirements and the development of additional features in future became far quicker and easier to implement.

After designing the new platform, our Back End team got to work building its functionality. On completion we migrated the customers over to the new system.

Initial Project Duration
8 weeks
Target Audience
Parents of Children aged 3-12
Developed using WordPress
Bespoke Booking Engine
Easier and quicker to add additional features
Custom reporting
What we did
Platform Development
WordPress Hosting
Ongoing Management

Parent dashboard for booking management.

We continue to work with Holiday Academy managing any updates and ongoing maintenance to the booking system and ensuring they can manage the system without any issues.

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