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Cookie management and user consent are how the internet works now – and a legal requirement. Our choice (as a leading reseller) is Cookiebot CMP: a cloud-based solution with everything needed to make websites fully compliant with data privacy legislation like GDPR, ePR, and CCPA.

It’s fully scalable, highly customisable, and easily administered from a single place. Which means you can keep customers safe and your business compliant across as many sites as you want, with a simple subscription.

We can assist in configuring, customising, and deploying Cookiebot, solving the usual issues around what needs to be done to make sure your website is fully compliant.

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Configuration made easy

Easy deployment on your website

Cookiebot CMP can hold back all first- and third-party cookies and trackers until consent has been given – no mark-up needed.

Fully supports accessibility standards

To accommodate users of assistive software like screen readers, Cookiebot CMP’s consent banner supports W3C’s accessibility standards WCAG 2.0 and WAI-ARIA.

Cross browser support

Our bespoke Cookiebot solutions are optimised for both the newest and previous versions of top web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Opera.

To name a few…

Cookiebot pricing


£11 /pm

per domain

  • Less than 500 subpages

Premium Medium

£23 /pm

per domain

  • Less than 5000 subpages

Premium Large

£41 /pm

per domain

  • more than 5000 subpages
Free plan option available. Visit Cookiebot for more information

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Staying adaptable helps you scale for both short term spikes and long term growth. Because tomorrow’s needs can turn into today’s very quickly.

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Popular FAQs about Cookie Management with Cookiebot

Yes. CookieBot is fully compliant with GDPR, ePR and CCPA.

Yes. Whilst this does involve more custom development time, this is absolutely fine.

Any recorded drop in traffic is primarily related to the fact that no data is registered for those users that simply ignore the cookie consent banner and leave the website again without having either opt-ed in or opt-ed out.

No. All payments are processed to CookieBot. SoBold work to set up and customise the Cookie Configuration on your behalf. We will ask you for an email address and then add it to the CookieBot system. You will then get an invite and be able to set up your account from there.

You can see the subscription size based on the number of pages your website has via the Manager, ‘Cookies’ tab.

​​Yes, Cookiebot CMP treats domains and subdomains separately. You will need a subscription for each of your subdomains.