Digitalising fundraising for Rede Partners

Rede Partners is an independent private equity fundraising advisory firm raising €99+ billion across 59 primary fundraisings and 31 transactions. 

Rede approached SoBold needing a bespoke platform developed to replace their ‘Current Fund Offering’ mailout and PDF with a constantly updated, secure online portal. 

We were lucky enough to have been provided a clear and thorough brief by Rede giving us a full breakdown of the functionality the solution required.

RedeWire was developed over a period of several months, split across multiple design and development sprints.

The process was highly iterative as additional requirements came to light and user feedback started being received by real end users. SoBold’s agile workflow allowed for these changes to be accommodated seamlessly within the project. 

The portal was built on top of the WordPress CMS, chosen by Rede for it’s scalability and ease of use.

The solution needed to be fully integrated with Rede’s CRM system, Dealcloud, passing back data on user interactions and page views allowing the team to follow up with interested clients.



Initial Project Duration
6 months
Financial Services
Target Audience
Limited Partners
Digital Transformation
Improve client enagagement
What we did
Platform design and development
Platform hosting
Platform management


RedeWire has now launched to Rede’s full customer base and initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The platform has seen a high number of account activations and interactions within its first full week of use. Our work with Rede does not stop there however, we’re continuing to work with the business to manage the platform and to roll out enhancements on a monthly basis.

Personalisation at its heart
From first log in, Redewire is fully personalisable allowing Limited Partners the ability to set their Investment preferences and tailor the funds they see on their fund offering dashboard.
Front-end editing and approval interface
Alongside the central RedeWire platform for viewing, filtering and favouriting funds, SoBold designed and developed a bespoke front end editing and approval interface to digitalise their offline fund approval process. Rede Partners and their clients are now able to send out live previews of how a fund will appear on RedeWire, gather real time comments, or make fully audited edits to the pages content before submitting it for approval and publication on the RedeWire portal.

From Rede Partners