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A project brief is a simple written document that you’ll use to list out all the details and requirements of your project. Its purpose is to help us understand your idea clearly, and find the most efficient and effective way to deliver that for you.

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The key to good usability is taking the user’s perspective when designing and developing your website. We take a user-centric design approach to ensure your website is built to deliver on your users’ needs. This involves keeping things as simple as possible, following best practices for user experience (UX) and web accessibility, and utilising feedback from real end-users.

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Usability is the way we measure how easy (or difficult) a website is for its visitors to use. Good web design will prioritise usability to make the user’s experience convenient and straightforward.

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Absolutely! We love to get our team working closely with our clients! We are big believers in creating powerful relationships between ourselves and our clients and by introducing you to the different team members working together on your project, it can only be a positive! 

All prospective new opportunities require a well written brief in relation to the project in hand.

The better your brief, the better the proposals and responses you can expect to receive back from us.

If you would like us to send you a template for you to use to define your brief please drop will@soboldltd.com an email.

All of our projects are fully designed and developed from scratch to ensure your website can be as fully optimised as possible and tailored to our clients individual needs. As such we don’t work with any projects involving ‘off the shelf’ WordPress themes.

Most of our full website design and development projects cost between £25k and £50k, but this very much depends on your requirements and delivery approach. Our larger or more complex projects, such as bespoke platform development, run into the £100k-£200k+ range. We generally have a minimum project size of £20k.

Our experience spans across most industries. We have particular focus and experience in Healthcare, Real Estate and Financial Services, however, we are not limited to these industries. 

We typically design high fidelity wireframes, however, we are adaptable from project to project depending on the client requirements and brief.

We design all our designs, for mobile, tablet and desktop. Specifically we design to 1920 px, 1366 px, 768 px and 375px.