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You don’t want to call us for every dotted i and crossed t on your website. (Although we’ll happily do that if you want.) The heart of WordPress is it’s CMS – Content Management System – and we offer training and support on its features. Letting you add and update pages on your site, in whatever detail you want.

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WordPress training tailored to you

Video call training

With video, screen sharing, and other apps, it’s easy for your people to learn websites the WordPress way from afar. Work-from-homers to office-based teams, video training delivers the value-add.

Bespoke guides

Want it in writing? SoBold can create a custom guide for making the most of your WordPress implementation, explaining every feature and how to use it complete with diagrams. Illustrated, instructive, and illuminating.

In-person workshops

Nothing beats face-to-face. We run in-person sessions where your people can learn as a team and bounce ideas off each other, with each workshop customised for the needs of your business – whether you’re an innovative startup or household name.

What our clients say

Popular questions we get asked about Website Training

Yes, we are more than happy to come to your office to go through things. We are a friendly bunch so we jump at the opportunity to see our clients!

Training can vary depending on the size of the site and the extensiveness of training required. We typically would say half a day, or a day should cover it.

Training covers going through the site with a fine toothcomb and showing you where all the content belongs and how to change it. We want you to have a clear understanding of the way the structure works so that when you need to jump in to change content, you know exactly where it lives and how to make these changes.

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on creating a platform that can be managed by YOU, the client. With all training we will also prepare user guides for you which walk you through how to make changes. Should you have further questions, our client support team is always available to help you.

We do! With all training, we provide user guides which include tutorials about ‘how to update’ all of the editable elements of the site.

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