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A project brief is a simple written document that you’ll use to list out all the details and requirements of your project. Its purpose is to help us understand your idea clearly, and find the most efficient and effective way to deliver that for you.

If you’d like to learn more, you can read our comprehensive step-by-step guide to creating a strong project brief in our related article here.]

Absolutely! We love to get our team working closely with our clients! We are big believers in creating powerful relationships between ourselves and our clients and by introducing you to the different team members working together on your project, it can only be a positive! 

We follow a stringent development checklist ensuring every project meets the company's high standards before it is launched. This checklist covers a multitude of factors, including testing the page / feature on the latest versions of all common browsers, testing on a variety of screen sizes to ensure it is fully optimised for all screen sizes and mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

  1. Typically, our fully bespoke website design and development projects take a minimum of 8 weeks whilst more complex projects delivered in phases could last much longer or be delivered using an agile approach.

All of our projects are fully designed and developed from scratch to ensure your website can be as fully optimised as possible and tailored to our clients individual needs. As such we don’t work with any projects involving ‘off the shelf’ WordPress themes.

Yes! We believe in the power of WordPress for small and large businesses’ alike and are specialists in developing high performance, scalable websites and platforms on the CMS. Therefore we are unable to take on projects using different CMS’s. We are, however, more than happy to explore replatforming clients' existing websites onto WordPress.

Most of our full website design and development projects cost between £25k and £50k, but this very much depends on your requirements and delivery approach. Our larger or more complex projects, such as bespoke platform development, run into the £100k-£200k+ range. We generally have a minimum project size of £20k.