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Absolutely! We love to get our team working closely with our clients! We are big believers in creating powerful relationships between ourselves and our clients and by introducing you to the different team members working together on your project, it can only be a positive! 

We do not manage emails and IT for our clients but we do work closely with several agencies that do. We work closely with the team at Chalkline and strongly recommend their services. Feel free to get in touch with us and we would be delighted to introduce you to their team.

We do! With all training, we provide user guides which include tutorials about ‘how to update’ all of the editable elements of the site.

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on creating a platform that can be managed by YOU, the client. With all training we will also prepare user guides for you which walk you through how to make changes. Should you have further questions, our client support team is always available to help you.