Top Healthcare Marketing Tips for Medical Practices in 2016

Marketing tends to change and evolve as time passes, so it is wise to stay on top of current practices or you could be left behind. Medical website design is unique in that it requires a very specific marketing approach. Here is a quick guide to marketing your medical practice in 2016.

Customer Engagement

Customer service is extremely important for any medical practice. If your customers don’t have a great experience when they visit the practice, they are unlikely to come back. The same applies to a website.
Consider how well your website caters for customer needs. Successful healthcare marketing is tailored to the individual customer. A more personalised experience will improve customer engagement. There are tools available to measure customer engagement, and by extension loyalty, so use them. This will help you track the effectiveness of your website pages.

Social Media Brand Building

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter make it incredibly easy to reach customers. We live in a socially connected world, so make the most of the opportunity to showcase your brand. Be sociable, build a loyal community of followers, and build trust. Social media helps medical practices to build relationships with clients, boost traffic to their websites, and improve search engine rankings at the same time. If you don’t engage on social media, you will miss out.

Evolving Search Engines

Facebook is developing its own search engine, so it won’t be long before brands such as yours are benefiting from increased visibility online. In time, customers will be able to buy products and services via social media, so it is essential that you concentrate your efforts on social media marketing, or your healthcare business will be left behind.

Great Content

Content is still a vital part of any marketing strategy. Great content captures the audience and establishes credibility. Make sure your content output is consistently good. Your website needs to be full of keyword rich, well-written, useful content. Anything less is potentially damaging. However, don’t forget to create good content for your social media accounts and email marketing campaigns.

Manage Data

There are so many tools available to help you collect and analyse data that building customer relationships is now easier than ever. Data gives you vital information about how customers interact with your website, your social media accounts, and your email marketing. Use this data to help you personalise marketing messages and target the right people.
The old-fashioned way of creating a one-size-fits-all marketing message will not do. The only way your business will grow is if you take the time to build lasting relationships with customers.

Automate Your Marketing Campaigns

Marketing automation platforms make life a lot easier. Use automation tools to collect data from all channels and use this to inform the type of marketing messages you send out. More targeted messages are likely to result in better conversion rates. Automated software can be used to schedule marketing campaigns and sort contact lists into different segments. This ensures your messages are carefully targeted to the right audience.
Pay close attention to the current marketing trends, as they will help your medical practice stay competitive. Digital and social media marketing is continually evolving and unless you stay in the conversation, you will miss out.