Brochure & Video Brochure

Medical Management Services is an online service for hospital consultants’ private practice. It provides doctors with medical billing support, clinical debt collection and a virtual secretary service. While it has an established client base of surgeons,
MMS wanted to target those working in orthopaedics, a yet untapped market.

We developed an interactive brochure for this group of doctors. As MMS had recently produced a new website, it was important the brochure reflected this in terms of design and messaging.
MMS also wanted a high-end look and feel to the brochure.

Alongside the video brochure we also produced print brochures for Medical Management Services to distribute to interested doctors

It was important that the design was fresh,
simple and easy-to-read for hard-pressed medical professional. At the same time, it had to reflect the company branding and sit comfortably with Medical Management Services’ other marketing materials.