HTML Email Marketing

We were asked to design a series of email newsletters on behalf of the ClanWilliam Group within six days. The challenge was to produce a quality piece of work which satisfied the decision-making team of five marketing managers, each responsible for different companies within the group.

Designs had to not only offer distinctive differences for the nine brands represented, but also be clearly from the same stable.  There was no time to waste with this project, design mock-ups had to be produced smartly and efficiently and all the stakeholders had to be included in discussions at all stages before sign-off.

clanwilliam mockup

Having worked with some of the brands previously, SoBold was able to embrace the company culture immediately and reflect its values in the designs produced.  Close contact with the key decision-makers and 24/7 availability to discuss and advance the project ensured that the tight deadline was hit.

More importantly, the finished product pleased the five marketing managers, reflected the nine brands and was well-received by the hundreds of ClanWilliam clients and prospects who received it.

clanwilliam mockup