How content marketing can drive trust in your brand

How can you use content marketing to leverage your company’s growth?

Simply put, content marketing is any, well, content you create to promote yourself. This can take the shape of any number of things from a hastily assembled social media post to an extensive and expensively produced video campaign. What matters at the end of the day is that it brings value to your target audience and that it reflects your company’s expertise. An online computer software company might produce YouTube videos to help their network solve common IT issues. Meanwhile, a cooking blog might take beautiful photographs of their creations to accompany their recipes.
Aside from the self-evident goals of driving sales and increasing traffic to your site, content marketing can also be a powerful tool in developing trust and raising awareness of your brand. A study published in 2013 by content marketing agency Seven, revealed that…
“…over half of those surveyed said they ‘definitely’ or ‘tend to’ agree that they feel more positive towards brands that produce content for them”
That figure is in striking contrast with the number of people with a positive attitude towards traditional advertising, a mere 10%. But what to make of this? Is any one medium more effective than the other? In terms of shared content, photos and memes account for the largest share, responsible for 33% whilst video content accounts for half of all mobile traffic and growing.
The direction you take when choosing a marketing strategy will have a massive bearing on how engaged your target audience becomes. Make sure you tap into their interests, position yourself as an expert in your field but above all else make sure to produce something they want to share with their friends and social networks